Innovation is our tradition. The complex products made by a light metal foundry require a considerable capacity for learning and adaptability. Anyone who has enjoyed over 60 years of international success, like Schulte & Schmidt, will have made their mark in a market in which the demands companies have to meet are truly exacting:

  • Rapid technical development
  • Globalisation of the markets
  • Requirements for excellent quality
  • Competitive prices
  • Complexity of the products


We share the view of our customers that the motto for the future must continue to be not just to get better all the time but to "get better even quicker!" This challenge is one we are keen to take up time and again.


Everything from a single source.
At Schulte & und Schmidt we see ourselves as more than just a sand casting, gravity die-casting and pressure die-casting foundry. We are a customer-oriented full-service provider. From the very outset our aim is to work together with you "hand in hand" to achieve optimum commercial success, from the initial development idea to ready-assembled components that are delivered just in time.

  • Founded in the year: 1948
  • Export countries worldwide: 30
  • Workforce: approx. 650 (at 4 locations)
  • Aluminium tonnage per year: approx. 7,500t
  • Available pressure die-casting alloys and gravity die-casting alloys: 18
  • Pressure die-casting alloys which can be used at the same time: 6

We can also meet individual customer requirements in terms of alloy specifications at short notice.

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